Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gifts at the Manor

I'm not sure if you know, but it's Christmas.  I heard it on the news somewhere.  I wanted to show you the very cool stuff the wife got me.  Some of the gaming stuff I knew, because with gaming books, its sorta like her cooking stuff, its just better to let the person pick it out so you can get the right one.  Speaking of which...

I got my DMG finally!  I will spend some quality time with it during the weekend.

I got the final book of the Green Ronin's version of Thieves World.  This is one I've been wanting to get for a long time.  Recently found it on-line for a good price, snagged it, then thanked Ivy for her savvy shopping and getting me exactly what I wanted.

I got two sets of Micron pens, the different sized black and some colored ones.  Many of the big map makers swear by them.  Ivy remembered and here they are.  Then she got me two other sets of pencils I'm very curious to use.  Watercolor pencils?!?  Apparently you can use them like normal pencils, but add a little water and I guess they become water color paint kinda sorta.  The last batch are brush markers.  They have very fine tips.  I am super excited to try these on my maps.  My artistic ability is very limited so I hope to have enough chops to use them for cool effect.

And lastly....

I got another BIG ASS PRINTER.  Looks like a spaceship.  This badass does edge-to-edge printing AND can print full spread, up to 13" x 19", which means I could do a full sized Manor.  So far so good.  We'll see how it performs when I give it a full workout.

Christmas at the Manor was a huge success.  Ivy did incredible.  I feel like a kid with all these new toys.  We've been very frugal over the past 4 to 5 years, but this year we decided to just have fun with it and we did. 

Here's my new printer next to my other printer.  Both will be used, but my shredder is now homeless.