Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Magic Items of Praxus

Putting the final touches on Stone Field of Azoroth.  I thought I'd share a few of the magic items I created for it.  I also created a new god, Praxus, God of Imprisonment, but that is for another time. 

Imprisonment Stone
Imprisonment Stones are created by the priests of Praxus.  The can come in various forms, but most are made from granite.  It is imbued with every magical spell known that immobilizes a creature.  It takes one month to complete one Imprisonment Stone.  This will bind a single creature of 10HD or below for as long as the stone is intact.  Great Imprisonment Stones take three months to construct and can bind a single 15HD creature or below.  There is rumor of more powerful Imprisonment Stones, but they are made with rare materials and would be considered an artifact level.
If an Imprisonment Stone is broken, the magic contained within will explode the stone showering those within a 50’ radius with stone shards doing 6d6 damage.  A Great Imprisonment Stone showers a 100’ radius, doing 12d6 damage.  A successful save will halve the damage.

Swords of Praxus
The Swords of Praxus is a pair of short swords.  They are imbued with +1 to hit and damage.  One a successful hit, the target will need to make a save or be held.  The victim is immobilized for 10 minutes.  Each sword can ‘hold’ one target at a time.  The wielder can chose to release someone who is held to target a new victim. 
Requirements to wield the Swords of Praxus are a strength of 15 or better.  These are heavy swords, weighing 35lbs a piece.  To keep the swords powers active, the wielder will need to make a blood sacrifice (4hp of his own) once a week.  Each time this is done, there is a 2% chance that Praxus will notice and send him on a quest (no save).  The GM should think of something horrible the character will have to accomplish to complete the quest.  At the end of the quest the character may receive a boon.  This may include a bump of 1 to any attribute, bonus experience or money. 

So far so good.  Finished up this last part.  Let it sit for a day.  Do a read through and some edits.  Start printing and mail them to Jarrod.  I'm probably making him very nervous pushing this to the final days.  Sorry Jarrod! 

Hoping you guys who got in on the Mythoard box enjoy my contribution.