Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Poor Sir Reginald is Dead and Now He Has No Boots

Poor Sir Reginald.  He wasn't a particularly strong knight, couldn't fight all that well and definitely wasn't one of the smartest people you'd meet, but he tried.  He tried to be a good man to his people.  He tried to provide them with security.  He tried.  He died not long ago.  Alone.  What family that remained had stopped talking with him long ago.  Even with his passing, the event went unheralded, unattended, except for the coffin maker and his two sons who cared the body into the simple crypt. 

His manor house remains abandon, falling in on itself.  Not that it was in good repair when he was alive.  Now Sir Reginald lies in a crypt that has become nothing more than an entrance into an  underground complex.  It had been there for a longtime.  Not so lawful folks using the crypt as a hideout for several months without Sir Reginald knowing about it even though it was in his own backyard.  Without the knight, these folks no longer care that they are seen. 

Beneath the Crypt of Sir Reginald is a complex of twisting tunnels and rooms created during the 1st age when men battle giants and the gods walked amongst both sides.  Greed has drawn a small group of people to explore, to find ancient treasure, led by a mysterious leader.

This is the first step into this underworld.

Crypt of Sir Reginald is another offering from my Patreaon.  The PDF is free to anyone who wants it.  Those that are patrons of mine at the $2.50 level or higher will receive a laminated version of this adventure at the beginning of next month.  I plan on doing a batch of these micro-adventures that build on one another, but can be played separately.