Thursday, July 2, 2015

Laminating Adventures & Locations & Wondering What To Do Next

This month's micro-adventures, The Bastard Baron's Hideaway and It's a Trap, and micro-location, Execution Corner are being printed and laminated, are prepared to launch by the beginning of next week.  But there is work to do.

Above is the freebie this month.  Those at my $2.50 or above pledge level will receive Execution Corner and It's a Trap, which is not pictured because I haven't printed it yet.  But I've got a good jump on EC.  They are almost complete.  The layout on this one came out a little odd, the borders around the map are off.  Overall though, I think it turned out nice.

In addition to the above, my patrons at the $5 and above level will receive The Bastard Baron's Hideaway.  A cardstock, zine like micro-adventure.  I think it looks sharp.  I hope my patrons do also.

I've not been gaming for a bit.  I've played in one session in the past two months. I decided to take a break from the game sessions back in the beginning of May.  I'm glad I did, but I am missing it now.  But I'm not sure what I want to do when I go back.  Still figuring that part out.  Where I want to put my energy and available time. 

My writing continues.  Writing micro-adventure for my patreon gives me a quick, well sometimes not so quick, outlet for my creativity (some of you may argue the lack there of).  And the money I've collected from it has helped a lot with making The Manor a paying zine.  Supporting other Patreon campaigns.  Doing giveaways.  And supporting my gaming book addiction. 

The 9th Manor is coming along with the help of contribution from +Simon Forster and +Rob Conley.  I've got two pieces of my own getting ready.  Getting +Kristian Richards, +Boric Glanduum and +Joe Johnston most recent releases has inspired me.  Speaking of which, I plan on doing reviews soon for Kristian's and Joe's products.

So I might be slapping together a on-line game soon.  Some sort of pick-up game.  More information plus maps coming soon.