Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Game Night: The Story Behind It

Last night's game was a big battle.  Scarecrows or skeleycrows chasing down an old man and a group of children.  A mysterious silver haired man blowing an orc horn.  Which caused groups of orcs to charge out of the forest.  These battles took most of the session.  Our group was trying to retake a once sacred elven grove.  Oh yeah, there was a hag.  Did I forget to mention the hag?  She got away. 

The cool thing about last night's session was the story behind why it happened.  The silver haired man was fey.  He was playing out stories from the past.  He liked the stories reenacted the way they occurred before.  We spoiled that.  He did not like it.  But was not rude at least.  We'd managed to activate the grove's standing stones that possessed the remaining protective power.

What started out as a typical hack and slash session ended being something different.  While we enjoyed the slaughter of the orcs and chasing away the hag, the story behind why it was happening brought it to a new level.