Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Last night's game night was filled with stick men and an ogutah (sp?).  Which was cool.  First time I think I've encountered one in game.  I almost felt bad for killing it.  But I fireballed it anyway.  Fireball was the theme of the night for me.  Mr. Mass Destruction.

Mr. Conley is running us through a elven forest that was taken over by bad stuff.  Smelly stuff.  I think the overall reason is there is a bad dragon in the middle somewhere.  My guy is not sure.  He's new the party and there as a guide mainly.  And a fireballer.

So the first battle was orcs and ogutah.   The orcs were easy fodder for my heavily armored and machine gunning archery friends.  Orcs were a splishing and a splashing.

Second fight.  Stickmen.  Literally.  These guys had little to no chance against the meat shields.

Third fight.  Stickmen with manly stickmen.  Lots of them.  Our paladin contained them.  The others whittled down the stragglers and I got to plop a bog ol fireball in the center of them.  Although I had a brain fart and temporarily forgot what the different between radius and diameter was.  I got it now.  So I was able to get the mass of them.  I may get a bowling shirt for my mage with Fireballer scrawled across the back.  And his name stitched over the pocket in the front.   

We then explore a few other rooms.  I got disconnected somewhere in this scenario, for about 20 minutes. 

We left off staring at a altar with scribbly scribings on it.  We ended there. 

We went through roll call of who would return next week, BSed a bit about something.  Oh, we are gaming face-to-face this Saturday, should be cool.