Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mail Frick'n Call...Triple BAM!

Prepared to be jealousified.  That's right, I just made that up.  Monday I went to the mailbox.   Not suspecting anything.  Because of my senses being drowned in Mondayism and blunted by toil, I was caught by surprise when I opened my tiny PO box.


A postcard map from +Simon Forster.  I've been getting there little beauties from Simon for years now and I always smile when I get one.  I stand there like 12 year-old me, looking at the map, seeing how he connected the different levels, and thinking what would I find in there.  An alcove room is always ripe for statues, but what if we forgo the stoners and head straight to the treasure.  Each alcove with a simple, but elegant piece of treasure.

Simon has a Patreon where he shares all his maps.  He' been working on an alphabet of creature layers and he just completed Z.  Z is for Zombie.  That's good enough for me.  Z is for Zombie that's good enough for me.  You get the picture. 


I got the 3rd issue of Vacant Ritual Assemble by +Clint Krause.  A short while Clint wrote about this issue being inspired by a location near where he grew up.  That alone was enough to get me to grab ab issue.  I've got the first two issues and this one is the best one yet I think.  I love zines and Vacant Ritual Assembly hits my zine spot.  I read most of it the first night I got it.  Last night I went through and read the rest and plan on taking the time this weekend to...guess...reread it again.


The final beauty is Lusus Naturea by +Rafael Chandler and +Gennifer Bone is outstanding.  A collection of strange, horribly wonderful creatures.  I'm already putting one of them in a micro-adventure of mine.  Combine the fantastic creativity of Rafael and the incredible artwork by Gennifer and this Kickstarter product is a winner from cover to cover.  Absolutely love this book.