Thursday, July 28, 2016

Band of Bandits

This adventure was inspired by one of my patrons, Christopher Monkus.  Back in May I asked for some villainous names, Christopher gave me Serek Thennek.  My brain works slow and chews on ideas for a while, but I knew that name was going to create an adventure for me and so it has, Band of Bandits.

Band of Bandits is set in a crumbling temple of a forgotten god of the dead.  The entire temple is collapsing in on itself.  Serek and his band are hiding out here. Why, there could be many reasons, but I've tied it into my Sandbox project, so Serek is hiding out from Keegan and his men.

Serek isn't stupid.  He likes to live.  He'll join if he feels that is his best choice.  He is alliances are fluid.  Situation dictates who is allied with.  While I don't really expect Serek to survive many of the encounters at gaming tables, but if he doesn't, Serek becomes an interesting NPC.  Someone the players could use.

Another feature I'm adding to the notes on my Patreon is 'GM Suggestions".  For each adventure or location I'll add a few suggestions on how I'd run the adventure, what elements I might add or how I would tie it into other micro-adventures.  I hope people will find them useful.

Band of Bandits is a free PDF download.  It includes the adventure, a GM map and a players map.  A black map of the area is useful for on-line play.  My patrons will receive a physical copy next month.  Cause they rock.  If you'd like a copy join my patreon or email me that you would like a sample of my weird laminated adventures.