Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Sandbox

I'm working on a larger project over at my Patreon page where I am using the map above as a hex crawl or in this case it is simply titled The Sandbox.  Each time I write an adventure or location this map will be updated.

Why do this?
I'm developing a sandbox campaign where a GM could easily pick it up with about as minimal prep possible and run a series of adventures and the players to explore a world with layers of history and challenging adventures.  These will be build using my Micro-Adventures Patreon campaign.

What else will be included?
As the world grows I will create NPCs and flesh out groups.  There will also be adventure hooks added that connect with the adventures and locations.

Who will this be available to?
The adventure and locations will continue to be available to anyone who stops on by to grab the PDF.  Those patrons at the appropriate pledge levels will receive physical copies of them.  The extras, the additional groups and NPCs created to flesh out The Sandbox will be available only to patrons.  Once this project is completed I will combine all the information into a single PDF available to my patrons.

If you have any questions about the project let me know.