Sunday, July 10, 2016

Norker Land, an Idyllic Place Where Norkers Frolic

I love norkers.  In a platonic way.  One of those well remembered and used creatures from the Fiend Folio from years ago.  There isn't much information on these hunched, big fanged creatures.  Distant relatives of hobgoblins, lazy, thugish...a description that could describe most humanoids and gamers for that matter. 

Norker Land is a simple underground cavern where that norkers live.  They live off the fungi that grows there.  There is plenty of it and because none of them are getting any more or different than the others it has remain peaceful.  Until...

Until part of the cavern roof gave in and introduced two dead cows to the mix.  All hell broke loose after that.  In norker history will go down as a day of infamy as the War of the Cow.  The players happen upon the final days of the war.

I'm working on printing June's offerings today.  I am thinking of doing a more complete video on my laminating process. 

Enjoy Norker Land and to my patrons, thanks for the support.  It is very much appreciated.