Sunday, July 31, 2016

Crypt Hill

Crypt Hill was originally created for Mythoard, that fantastic subscription RPG box of goodies.  I've been wanting to re-purpose it for my current Sandbox project.  When I created Gene (from ML#14 Buried) he was in the back of my mind.  He'd been here before.  Didn't go so well.  He doesn't like to talk about it. 

While similar to the original I made a few significant changes.  I redid the map in the style I am doing these days.  Changed the setting to fit into the Sandbox project.  And finally added some nasty guardians that make Crypt Hill a very, very bad place to visit.  Oh, and I added a  cool cover art by Gary Dupuis.

One of the new feature I am going to add with each release is a short paragraph on how I plan on using the adventure.  Some tips, suggestions.  Take them or leave them for your own game.

Crypt Hill is a particularly nasty place.  I might have a couple of people mention it in passing when the party is low level.  I want to start building its reputation as a bad place.  When the party finally arrives at Crypt Hill for whatever reason, and for some reason I see myself tying in something about Makidi, allow them to 'feel' the surroundings.  As they place a foot on the plateau the ground trembled slightly.  And the first time they are attacked by the guardians to have them target a henchmen or other red shirt that's with the party so they can watch what happens to those who dare to violate the crypts.  

Crypt Hill is available to everyone in PDF format and for all my generous patrons at the $5 level will receive a print copy.  So this month there were three releases total and I plan on creating an NPC card for Serek Thannek to add to this month's bundle.