Sunday, July 10, 2016

Double Creature Feature: Buried and Cards of Yith

They do sound like a fun Saturday night double feature.  Throw in a large pizza and some ice tea and I am set.  While not as good as two great b-movies and a pizza on a Saturday night, I bring you my offerings for my June, Patreon.

Buried is a micro-location where a halfling has a bad habit of collecting things.  Evil things.  Evil things he can't handle much of the time.  This is a location with several adventure hooks attached to the things he has buried in his yard. 

Cards of Yith is an adventure that takes the party into the Ruin of Wend, a city destroyed by a Night Plague.  No light penetrates the black veil that covers the ruin.  The evil powers that have invaded Wend use powerful magic.  The magic they use mixed with raw emotions creates a secondary thing, cards that capture the essence of the moment.

These go out to my great patrons.  If you want a free PDF copy please click on the link and download them. But if you want one of these laminated beauties you are going to have to join my Patreon.  At the right pledge level you'll get these each month delivered to your door.