Sunday, March 6, 2011

And the GM Day Purchases Continues

So I made two more purchases.  I bought the Toolbox from Alderac Entertainment Group.  I have a couple of their print books I purchased in the 50% off bin at the local gaming shop, but was always interested in the Toolbox.  I know they have the Ultimate Toolbox, but I think this one is more manageable.  I won't be printing this one out.  More of a reference book.

The second purchase was the Realms of Crawling Chaos from Goblinoid Games.  For only $3.71 I had to check it out.  Again, this is one I've been looking at for a while.  At 64 pages its on the edge of what I'll print out for a PDF.  But I plan to read it through and if I am digging it than I'll probably buy a nice print copy.  I've liked Proctor's and Curtis's stuff in the past so I'm guessing I'll be making another order.

Like I guessed and the cool thing about selling something RPGNow is transferring it site credit.  So my profits from Knowledge Illuminates is going towards buying other gaming products. 

That's all for Sunday night.  Ivy just made a kick ass dinner and we'll be kicking back for the rest of the night watching some weirdness on Netflix.