Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Know it's Late, but I Have a Question

It's late and my brain is fried and Google is not being helpful.  I'm working on an adventure, this adventure has some spiders in it.  My question is, what are the 'pods' spiders wrap their prey in called?  I saw cocoon and pods, but none of them sounded right.  Maybe they are, not sure.  That's why I am asking for help at 11pm  on a Sunday night.  I forget how much I hate daylight savings time.  Anyway, for those who comment, thanks for the info. 

Oh, and Whisk said she would throw in some honey glazed toads stuffed with ricotta cheese and ham for those who answer.  If you vegetarians she just juice the toad eggs up in a frothy shake. 


  1. Here is a scientific journal article that use the term, to prove my rightness. ;)

  2. Thank you Greg, the honey glazed toads are being shipped Fed Ex. You don't want those bad boys to spoil.

  3. Can I make an alternate request of you and the Whisk?

    I am going to be turning out a revised version of the Synapse beta in the next few weeks. It is going to be streamline and improved.

    I was wondering if, once I release it, you two could sit down together and make a single character. And tell me about how it went.

    Not too difficult, eh?

    If not, I will take the toads. :)

  4. Sure Greg sounds like a plan. And you can still have the toads.