Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Welcoming Nature of the OSR

I know there are flare ups about one subject or another.  Heated arguments go from blog to blog, some bloggers may decided not to continue while others thrive or have become 'known' for stirring up a shit storm.  I think the most heated one I can remember was when Zack over at Playing D&D with Porn Stars started his video series I Hit it With My Axe.  I don't even remember the details.  I think his blog was still relatively new and his followers skyrocketed.  Of course with that brilliant title for his blog he was bound to get a ton.  I didn't have a dog in that fight.  I watched the first few episodes with some interest.  Not because they were porn stars, but because I'll watch any video of people playing D&D.

But back to my point, if I really have one, the one thing I like about the OSR even if they are populated with young and old grump grognards, is how welcoming the community is as a whole.  I've been blogging for nearly two years now and I think I've had one asshole comment and even then he was always a great commenter before, just maybe had a bad day.  I'm cool with it and don't hold a grudge.  It's too exhausting.

There seems to be a new influx of old-school blogs popping up and part of the reason why I came up the newbie award.  One I thought it was funny and two its always nice to have a boost in the beginning.  Just letting someone know you are reading their posts can keep them in the game. 

When my wife came out with her blog, The Happy Whisk, I think she had more gamers following her than cooks or writers.  She admits to liking the gamers more because 'we are funny'.  She is right.  We are funny.  It is really cool to see these old school gamers who have my wife's blog on their blog roll.  It's small things like that that I appreciate the old school group.

When I recently came out with my first old school product I received a lot of encouragement and support from the other bloggers.  And I know if someone is coming out with something I know I try to support it also.  Then we have all those bloggers out there who continually put out free stuff.  Al over at Beyond the Black Gate has earned his own file folder on my computer.  He puts out great stuff and I gather it all in one place so I can find it later on.

I almost forgot to mention all the Warhammer, war gamer cross overs we have had lately.  The Angry Lurker and Porky are two of the more prolific commentators on Whisk's and my blogs.  Lurker even promoted my adventure on his blog which was great to see.
Okay, I am done with my love fest.  I'll make sure tomorrow I bitch about something to balance the scales.