Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Much Kinder and Gentler Elf...It Didn't Take

The following is told by Ashling.  Elf.  Monteblank.  Leader of Men.  Well, the first two are true. 

Being in the desert and being an elf don't go well together.  The heat seems to fry brains making them unthinking fanatics.  We've been targeting leaders of this a fanatical religion who is building armies to conquer the world in the name of peace.  They contiinually preach about peace as they are sharpen the swords and say how much they hate everyone else. 

Along out way to the holy city we met a nosey bunch.  One man in particular asked a lot of questions that were almost answered with Oelander's sword.  but wew are a kinder, much more understand group now.  In the end he gave us robes to wear so we could blend in.  So the eye of Horus would not find us. 

The further we traveled into the desert and the closer we got to the holy city the fervor increased to the point where all I wanted to do was fireball their stupidty, but sometimes even a big ass fireball isn't enough. 

We found ourselves standing in a sea of people listening to Horus himself.  He repeated the same inane drivel that everyone else was saying.  Becoming one.  We will kill everyone in the name of peace.  I believe my intellegnece score suffered a two point penalty just listening to him.  We found the answers to our questions about armires.  We found two possible answers on how to defeat him.  And yet, we could do nothing.  We needed to wait. 

Our goal is to reunite all the shards of the Chromatic Crystal.  We have posession of two of the seven shard.  The coucil of Verdistan (largest city in the Wilderlands) we are sorta allied with has the other five.  We have to convince them to give us the shards.  Telling them there is an enemy a thosand miles away, led by a demi god is going to take some convincing. 

After we finished our information gathering we returned home to find it under attack.  Veridans (demons) had infiltrated our home and were holding some of people hostage.  We'd been in the desert for many days and being very good.  We hardly killed anyone.  Our whole quest was frustrating because we felt helpless.  We were in a bad mood and looking to take it out on someone.  Verdians would do just fine.  Oelander mowed through the first coupld of soldiers and I finished one off with a handful of magic missilies. 

The leader of the Verdians was attercted to our portals.  She held the one little boy that is the son to our steward over the protal ready to throw him in.  Little did she know it was just a door way to a weird living room/kitchen area.  So the most would have happened is he would have gotten something to eat.  Still, we weren't going to let that little fact sooth our hunger for battle.  Oelander struck the Verdian and I hit her with my piece of the chromatic crystal.  She melted.  Wow.  That was interesting and that soothed my battle hunger. 

We managed to keep two soldeirs alive and discovered the whereabouts of the main Verdian.  So though we need to contend with the Amry of Horus, we need to be patient.  The Veridian patriarch has gotten our attention.  I'm getting hungry again. 


  1. Good short story, builds an idea of more to come.

  2. Really fun post. I especially enjoyed "...being very good. We hardly killed anyone."

    I'm going to be smiling about that all evening.