Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogging Fun and How's the Weather?

The past week has been a lot of fun in the OSR blogs.  I've been shying away from the more serious blogs of late just because of the heavy issues I deal with at work constantly.  I want to come to my blog to have some fun and read about other fun stuff going on.  Commentators have been hilarious, and Whisk and I get a kick out of reading them.  She has become a OSR blog junkie and comments more than I do.  She follows cooking blogs and writing blogs, but she always says she likes the gamer guys, their funnier. 

It's Friday, we got another foot on snow here.  I guess winter is not ready to go into the gentle good night.  It got me to thinking (as little as possible of course) about weather in your game.  Do you bother with it?  Is it important to gameplay?  Do you have rules about weather?

I will admit I have no love for the Harn weather charts Rob likes to torment me with on occasion.  He tells me what the weather is even if I am two hundred feet beneath ground...dead.  I only use weather in rare times.  Most of the time I might use it to set a mood.  Develop a foreboding atmosphere or have beautiful weather, birds singing in juxtaposition of a villagers being slaughtered by monsters.  Like an Enya song playing while a sweet grandma villager gets mauled by a werewolf (tip of the hat to Zevon).

On even more rare occasions I will have the weather effect the players within the rules in extreme circumstances.  Wearing metal armor in the desert is not a great combination.  Wearing next to nothing in a blizzard is going to make it difficult to much of anything.  Of course the solutions to these problems is fairly simple, but not observing them could be a catastrophe for the party.

So I was wondering what people are using for their campaign concerning weather.  If you have tables or something that you use at the table let me know I'm interested to hear what's going on at other gaming tables.

Oh, and almost forgot.  Have a great Friday.  I hope to get some good gaming work done this weekend.