Thursday, March 17, 2011

3-17-11 Newbie Blogger Award

Now this guy has only been blogging for a month and has nearly 70 followers.  He's on the fast track to stardom.  He's got a lot of stuff to say about the OSR, a 6 part blog post called The OSR is Dead.  Read it.  It's very good.  Plus he wrote a flattering blog about my wife, Whisk, which almost made him a sure thing for the award.  I told you when I first started this award, I can be bought.  Seriously though, he's got opinions.  Interesting opinions.  Not those verbal masturbatory opinions.  The blog I am talking about is There's Dungeons Down Under hosted by austrodavicus.  Okay readers, you know what to do, go check out and join his blog.


  1. Can I be the first to congratulate austrodavicus.

    He's been around a long time supporting OSR in forums and the like, so great to see him blogging and sharing his insights.

    Tim, that's two Aussie's in a row for the award - care for a hat trick (cricket term meaning 3 opposition out in a row, for those not familiar with the gentlemen's sport).

  2. Way cool!! I've really been digging Dave's insights. Great choice for the newbie blog award winner.

  3. Autrodavicus is awesome, really well deserved price!

  4. Thank you for the great compliment and comments Tim and everyone else. Positive feedback is always encouraging and I believe this award and the comments people leave on it dispels the myth that the blogger is a lone voice in the wilderness, but rather blogging has become an online community in its own right.

  5. Joval > If you got a nomination let me know. The competition is tough out there. Man, there are a lot of great blogs surfacing.

    Johnathan > You bet. And I bet he likes pie.

    Lurker > That's right go check him out. He's well worth it.

    II Male > He is awesome. And the price was right to cause he got it for free.

    Whisk > Smooch. You can put that where you like.

    austro > You've already done a lot of great posts on your blog. Not that you needed a bump because you were already well on your way, but if I can direct a few more people to your blog than the Newbie Blogger Award has done its job.

  6. ...that's two Aussie's in a row for the award - care for a hat trick

    If you got a nomination let me know.

    Well, if there's a possibility of another Aussie making it a hat trick, how about Ragnardbard's blog Vaults of the Archmage? His maps are inspiring, he writes an entertaining session recap, and he's passionate about the OSR.