Friday, March 18, 2011

How Do You Handle Cleric Responsibility?

Pantheons are a critical part of any game.  You have an entire class dedicated to them, sipping at their powers to push their cause forward...but how many cleric in game do that?  How many times during a game does a cleric on behalf of their deity?  Are they plundering a goblin warren for the glory of their god or to get better equipment?

Many times a cleric will tithe some of their loot, but not often.  Some will build temples, but lets face it, that temple is more a monument for them than the god they worship.  The acolytes that are more minion than devotee. 

So all you GMs out there, how do you handle a cleric's responsibility to their god?  Time has caught me up and I need to go to work.  Looking forward to your answers.  Have a great Friday.