Friday, July 1, 2011

Final Pictures from My Haul from Origins

HackMaster.  Two new adventures.  A PDF copy of Hacklopedia Beasts.  Score.  The Kenzer booth was pushing their new adventures for HackMaster and the new Hacklopedia which they gave away a copy the day before.  I've looked at it on my PDF, should get the book next month, and it is one good looking book.  Sixty bucks makes it one of the more expensive books (well Tome of Horrors set me back $30 more).  I think it looks good overall.  A field guide to all the critters, information gathered from different adventurers.  The art for the monster is all sketchings.  If you are looking for innovative or inspirational art its not in here.  At least for me.  Don't get me wrong, the art is good, love the old piggy orc, but none of the pictures strike my inspiration.  This could be unfair because I have dozens of monster tomes and maybe its because I am immersed in them.  The information is creative and fun.  I am still a HUGE fan of the yield section which I employ in every game.  Though I create my own yields this hacklopedia will be mined for inspiration.  The adventures I haven't had a chance to read through, but in general their adventures are thoughtful and well done.

Okay on to my other goodies.  I bought a Misktonic t-shirt.  Which is very cool and I love it when people ask me what it is.  I tell them it was the college I went to and give them the Elder Sign.  Some times its more fun to live in your own world than theirs. 
Last but not least at all is this very kick ass backpack I bought from the Origins table.  I love this bad boy.  I knew going into Origins I was going to pick one up to contain my haul.  I didn't get the one that said bag of Holding because well...I already get enough questions about my t-shirt.  Any more would be too much.  I will be using this one for a long time. 

Thus concludes all the stuff I got from Origins.  It took a swift kick in the nuts to my budget, but well worth it.  Next year though I would like to maybe get a badge system for us bloggers so if we are the convention you might recognize my badge and blog and so on.  I see so many others that attended and would have at least have said hello.


  1. Cool! Blogger badges would be a neat idea!

  2. I'm pretty jello of your cool new shirt.

  3. Love the way you're handling questions about the t-shirt. That cracked me up and just made my morning!