Monday, July 18, 2011

Game Night

It's Monday and that means game night, but I knew it was going to be a bad day when I woke up with hiccups.  First email I get is one of the guys cancelling.  He's got some serious work stuff to do so no worries there.  But the hiccups have proven to be a dire omen within just a few minutes. 

Prep work for tonight's session was fairly easy, but something I still have not completed.  Last night I stated a few people and a giant.  Those of you who play GURPS know even the smallest giant can cause an entire kingdom havoc.  I think GURPS giants play more like legendary giants than do the D&D.  The same thing could be said for dragons. 

The players are traveling north to the Barony of Harrow Hill where said giant has been brutalizing the countryside.  They have heard rumors that a small army of mercenaries were dispatched and none have returned.  The mage guild has been hired to take care of the situation.  Thus, Cal, has been asked to solve the problem or at least get information.  Cal (Dwayne's character) is the first in a new house the guild is creating.  It specialized in eliminating outside threats.  They already have a 'police' house to keep other mages in line, but this one was created because the current grandmaster of the guild was once an adventurer and understands how potent a group of mages can be if the restraints are taken off.  Cal is the head of this new house.  As long as the mission is sanctioned by the guild anything is in bounds for use to get the job done.

So what I did last session was develop this house and then gave him mission choices.  Not only does it go along with the theme of the house and gives the player freedom to choose it also allows me to prepare more from session to session.  Sandboxes can get tricky that way.  While on these missions there will also be other things that get entwined.  Such as...

At the end of the last session the players were attacked by a very powerful undead creature.  Lopped Paltar's (Rob's character) right off.  While during the attack a Myridon of Sarrath assisted them and even helped with healing Paltar.  Paltar hates the faithful of Sarrath and now one assisted him without reason.  Though Cal could have easily healed him, the Myridon did it with the asking. 

And then we have Lazereth (Brian's character and the guy who cancelled due to work...Damn You Brian!!...expect a nasty email, hehe) who has been shown a god and recruited to its cause. 

So you can see there are lots of interesting stuff going on with only three sessions in.  So tonight we play with two players.  Probably what I'll do with Brian is shoot him off a couple of emails and do a short email session with him to keep him in the same timeline as the others without resorting to the frozen statue tactic.  We'll see. 


  1. I remember when it was easy to game during the week. As we get older, it just seems so much harder. Work, kids, etc. You can still do it, it just easier on the weekend. But you go to do what you got to do. :)

  2. I came, played, and died. And it was a lot of fun.