Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Level Adventure?

What level adventure do you prefer?  Most of the adventures i see out there are for low level characters which makes sense.  Most characters start at first level and a lot don't make it to 10th.  I am throwing this question out there just to see what people are looking for. 

What level adventures do you like? 

And what genre of adventure? 

I know I would like to see more low mid level adventures like 3rd to5th level.  And as far as genres go I am getting more interested in mixing it them up, like movie coming out Cowboys and Aliens.  Cyberpunk and Dinosaurs.  Fantasy and Far Future.  Those are pretty specialized, still I think it would be fun.


  1. There are a lot of adventures out designed to "start off a campaign" or be a group's "first expedition". What I'd like to see if more suggestions of "what to do next". Still low-level (2nd to 4th, maybe).

    I love the idea of mash-up adventures as well - City Of The Gods etc, very old school. Have always wanted to design an alien invasion adventure/scenario/mini-campaign, where the aliens are invading a a classic sword & sorcery world. Aliens versus knights in armour and barbarians etc

  2. I'd like to see stuff aimed more at the mid to low high range (say 7-12ish). You know with mash up stuff, planar stuff, and just crazy wacked out gonzo stuff.

  3. I'd like to see more mid and higher adventures too, especially levels 7 upwards.

    I made a space vs fantasy adventure, mainly for low level, but probably works better for mid: not sure, haven't tested it.

    You can find it here:

  4. I think mid-level-ish sounds good to me, too.

  5. I used to prefer low level, investigative style games. More recently, I played in a campaign which ran to 13th level. Now I'm leaning more towards 7-10th, and sandbox wilderness/dungeon combo, with some metaplot thrown in.

  6. I love 1-5, my all time favorite parts of the adventure happen at those levels IMHO.

    I like Hex Crawls over anything else, and enjoy the freedom a good sandbox brings.

    I would love to see a really well written Sword and Planet game. He-Man meets John Carter.


  7. I'm a huge fan of 7-9, before that a character seems statistically incomplete (though of course, personality-wise, a complete character can be any level.) After that, abilities get powerful and complex enough that they can overshadow the story.

  8. I play non-D&D - Rolemaster and Dragon Warriors, but in both I like the mid-low levels where the characters don't have to run away first, but are still learning (and levelling) without the extreme requirements of higher levels.

    Probably 5-8 ish...