Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Game Called Due to a Fricking Headache

Monday Night is game night.  Just a thing that is an absolute.  Christmas falls is the 25th of December, 4th of the July is on the 4th of July, and Game Night is Monday.  It's not a national holiday, but for our group we try to make time for it each week.  I have to go to work for eight to ten hours a day then try to squeezing some writing in if my brain permits it so Mondays is bracketed off to hang out with the guys, throw some virtual dice and have a good time.  It's a good way to kick off the week and makes Mondays less dreaded.

This Monday I had to call off the game at the last hour.  Mount Migraine came crumbling into my skull and pretty much made it impossible for me to sit at my computer and try to game.  I think it's the first time I needed to cancel besides the once in a while anniversary or holiday.  And sometimes its good just to take off a week or two.  Too much work.  Too little sleep.

This past weekend we did get to sit around the table and throw some real dice.  The player continued on after they killed the mana titan, Rob's character was now fertilizing a good stretch of farmland and Dwayne teleported away.  Mages, they always get away with crap.  Rob made a Myridon of Sarrath, which is basically a paladin, holy warrior or fighting priest.  The highlight of the game was when his character was marked by a dead god's priest.  The dead god's followers are trying to resemble the bones of their god to resurrect him.  The priest was in disguise as a priest of Sarrath and accused Rob to be a blasphemer and had him judged. 

Rob through himself down on the altar and the fun began.  If you have Points of Light, the first one, turn to the Swamps of Archon section in the back.  Rob's myridon went on his second trail, the trail of fortitude.  The tension was high as Rob made his rolls.  He succeeded in the end.  And the giant statue in the temple skewered the foul priest.  But now the players have one of the dead god's bones as a race of creatures that do the work for this god close in on them.  That's where we ended it. 

And that's why my fricking headache sucked.

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  1. Sorry to hear about that. Having a migraine already sucks. But having to cancel game night to boot, that's injury added to insult. Hope the migraine didn't last too long.