Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Newest Toy

It is a custom at the manor for wife and husband to exchange gifts.  Whisk being wife, I being the husband.  This year she got me a NookColor.  I've been thinking about getting a reader for a while now.  I'm always late to the technological party because...probably because I am the guy who would buy the 8-track player, the beta recorder or the HD home theater.  So I find it best to lay back for a while and let things get sorted out then buy.

Right away I took a liking to it.  I did have to battle with the wireless in my own home.  The first night we were driving around at 12am trying to find an open feed.  It was amusing what information you can find driving around reading all the names of the wireless feeds.  After bouncing a few stores leeching off their signals, we ended up in McDonalds parking lot and I was finally able to register my Nook.  Rob (Mr. Bat in the Attic) helped me figure out the wireless problem I was having at home.

One of the reason I went with the NookColor was it already had a PDF reader.  The less I need to fiddle with this stuff the better.  Plus the screen looks amazing.  We go to Barnes a lot and you can look at books on it and do all this other stuff I haven't played with yet.  Although I did read some blogs on it.

Off I go with a parting picture of my new toy.