Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1000 Posts - OSR Mega Bundle Giveaway

Here it is.  I hit 4 digits worth of posts.  It took me nearly 4 years, but I did it.  Fuck'n hell.  And because I hit 1000 posts, 4 of you are going to be very happy.  How do you get happy?

You comment about how wonderful I am and you're entered.  Or if you prefer to take a shot that would count to.

I've got a fantastic mega PDF bundle of OSR products to giveaway.  All were generously donated to help me thank all of you.

So you're wondering what's in the PDF bundle?

+Joseph Bloch  is offering Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual.  I don't know Joesph that well, but he was the first one who volunteered to donate and got the ball rolling.  I'm looking forward to getting a copy for myself.  And, Joseph's got a fantastic hairstyle.

 +matt jackson  added Vol. 1 of his Moleskin Maps.  I've always been a fan of Matt's maps.  I've bought everything he's done and never been disappointed.  He drew maps for Manor #2 and I know if I needed a emergency map, he'd be right on it.  

+Dak Ultimak offers any issue of his Crawl! zine.  He's got six great issues that took on WotC and managed to have all six zines on the top list on RPGNow even though WotC released all the old products.  

No easy feat.  The zine is that good. 

+Peter Regan is offering any issue of his incredible Oublitte magazine.  This is a great zine.  I love the artwork of The Marg.  Her dark images suit the tone of the magazine.  There is a ton of great content inside, including a few comics.

+Paolo Greco donated a PDF copy of Adventure Fantasy Game.  Paolo is not someone I know well, but this is what I like best about the OSR, there is a ton of great products being produced and most are generous.  

Adventure Fantasy Game is a fantastic addition to anyone's PDF library.

Dylan Hartwell was gracious enough to donate his fantastic adventure Menagerie of the Ice Lord.  This is not only a kickass adventure it's also a mini monster manual.  Dylan does all his own artwork and did all the artwork for my adventure Knowledge Illuminates.  He's been a big supporter of my blog and his donation is much appreciated. 

+Rob Conley my good friend and partner in gaming crimes allowed me to place his adventure, Scourge of the Demon Wolf, within the bundle.  After much hair pulling and name calling Rob relented. 

 +Jason Sholtis and +John Larrey did the amazing artwork for this and the guy who edited this must be a wizard.  The words are magic!  

Thanks Rob.

**New Entry**
+Timothy Brannan just now offered copies of The Witch!  Thanks a lot Tim.  What a great addition.


+Tim Snider  just entered DEVIANT DATABASE.  Entered his Deviant Database.  I have no read this one, but with a name like Tim it must be brilliant.  

Most generous offering are pouring in.  +Zzarchov Kowolski has added The Gnomes of Levnec.  I have been a long time fan his Neoclassic Geek Revival ruleset.  And I've had the pleasure of gaming with him on one occasion.  I got a very nice ruby.  Thanks Z!

The ever eloquent Porky has entered the fray with a copy of Triffles: Abandon Space.  Porky has been a long time supporter of this blog and the Whisk's.  It's always a pleasure to get comments from Porky and a big thanks for the donation.  

+Johnathan Bingham (AKA Pie, Hot Elf Chick, Bearded Dude Who Can Draw Crazy Good)  I think that last alias is his Indian name.  Delve! is a zine adventure that mixes a lot of cool elements creating a unique setting.  Oh, and I heard the art isn't half bad.  Thanks Johnathan.

**Holy Crappy Harpies Batman, There is More!**
+Jason Sholtis another amazing OSR artist has enter his fantastic adventure Zogorion: Lord of the Hippogriffs.  Jason is a huge reason why the Manor has been a success.  He's been my go to guy when I need emergency art.  And if you haven't gamed with Jason you've got to.  You will never be bored, I promise you that.

And lastly, I can't do this without offering something of my own.  You can choose any Manor or Knowledge Illuminates on PDF.  Should you have all the issues you can opt to wait til issue #4 is done. 

But wait, that's not all.  Winners also get a $5 gift card from RPGNow.  A cherry on top of this massive mound of OSR PDF goodness. 

I think its an impressive bundle.  I know I would want to win this one myself.  So all you need do is comment to enter.  I'm hoping to get 100 entries.  On Saturday I'll select the four winners and contact you. 

Again, a huge thanks to all those who donated their hard work.  And thanks to those who stop by and take a look around.  

1000 posts.  Let the praising begin.