Monday, March 11, 2013

The Picture that Started It All

When I was a boy I opened up a book that I still own today, Reader's Digest: Strange Stories, Amazing Facts: Stories that are Bizarre, Unusual, Odd, Astonishing and Often Incredible and saw this picture.  It always creeped me out and excited me at the possibility.  The monster section of Big Foot, Yeti, Loch Ness and all the other giant lake creatures was my favorite.  But the Loch Ness monster was and is my favorite.  Back in the 70s they used to do these weird TV shows where they tried to prove it existed.  They were always accompanied by blurry photos of a possible shadow of a fin or nose.  (Sounds like all those ghost shows today) 

This is when I first started perusing things.  Things like other books on the same subjects.  Things like maps.  I got the maps to see where Loch Ness was.  And of course that started my love of a good map.  Some maps had Loch Ness on it.  Others didn't.  Then I hit the jackpot.  I think it was in an issue of Bananas, they had a cartoon map of the world and on it they had cartoon depictions of where Bigfoot and Nessy lived.   Once I found this I pinned it up on my wall and used to study that map.  I thought for sure I could travel the world using that map.  It was mind blowing to a 8-year old. 

This morning I happened upon this picture and I had a flashback of sitting at the dining room table with my book wondering if Loch Ness was real or not.  I know back then when they were searching for it, I always rooted for Nessy to stay hidden.  I didn't want it explained.  I just wanted it to be a fantastic possibility.