Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Question (Yes, I know it's Thursday)

Snow is still piling up outside.  It looks like a snowglobe.  Big gobs of wet, white.  Good snowball snow.  I already was attack this morning in the parking lot by some of my co-workers.  Luckily they were aiming at me.  That's the safest place to be.  They suck at throwing.

I know its Thursday, but I am off tomorrow and like any good GM I can wing it.  So I'll dub today Friday. 

If you had to pick one book or one movie that has influenced your gaming style what would it be? 

Mine are the Theives World books.  At least the first few.  Black Company comes in a close second.  I prefer the dark, low fantasy where a copper piece is a fortune to some.  The inter-political struggles within organizations, the fantastic creatures of myth and legend are just on the outside of perception and the heroes tend to be unforgiving, brutal and in any other situation could easy be the bad guy.

So what's your most influential book or movie?