Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playtest Announcement

Next Thursday on the 14th of March, I'll be running a playtest for "The Last Candle", a campaign starter written by Greg Christopher.  The game will start at 6:30pm and end around 9:30pm (these are EST).  I'll be using the Swords & Wizardry Complete ruleset.  I'll be running it on Fantasy Grounds 2 so you'll need to have at least a player license to join.  And Skype will be used for the talkie parts.   If you're interest please let me know, as of now I think I have two to three virtual seat available. 

This is a campaign starter so I am streamlining the adventure to the Priory and the included adventure itself.  I am thinking I will run this in two sessions.  I'll have pre-made character available, if you wish to character you run already that shouldn't be a problem.

Any questions, just email or leave a comment.  Want to join, just email or leave a comment.  Just want to complain, just go away and leave.