Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Question

It's Friday again and I am very happy about this.  The playtest was a lot of fun last night even though I could not find the sheet with all my notes.  We introduced Bard (The Clash of Sword on Shield), into our group.  I told him I was going to campaign hard to get him into our regular Monday group.  He's been a huge supported on my blog and GM Games.  I always enjoy meeting the people I 'talk' to regularly on the blogs and Google+.

So my question you this week is, who of the bloggers or Google+ people that you know, would you like to game with and haven't had the chance.  List one or ten or any in between.  I know there is a large group I haven't had a chance to game with yet.  Out of all of them out there who would you want to roll dice with?