Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Letter About XP to My Players

Attached you will find the XP reward for session one.  It is broken down in 5 sections.  Most are obvious.  The Role-Playing category is one you get for just showing up.  However, I do give a bonus XP to who pleases me the most.  Muhaha.  Or whoever I think was the catalyst for that session.  And finally, you will all be able to gain more XP by doing a write up of the session on your blog.  Dan you could do on on Google+ if you want.  If you do a write up you'll get a 10% XP bonus.  None of that 13+ strength or being human will get you a bonus.  Lazy bastards.  You'll have to work for this bonus.  If you have any question please let me know.

I stole the 10% XP bonus thing from Tenkar.  I feel no shame for doing it.  I admit it.  I would do it again.  The RP bonus I like, I hope it gives the players a little more motivation to move the adventure forward.  The Miscellaneous category is my catch all.  Ken's guy was at death's door and was revived by a very strange acolyte of a death god and marked.  I figure that was worth a few XP. 

Also at the end of the session I do a quick calculation of encounters with folks.  There future reaction rolls can be alter by a session.  The range is thus:
 +2 Very Positive Reaction
+1 Positive Reaction
0  No Reaction
-1 Negative Reaction
-2 Very Negative Reaction

For example: Chris's guy, Malcolm had the following adjustments.
  • -2 Reaction for Fenton, failed to follow simple plans.  Will have a hard time trusting him.
  • -1 Reaction for Torp, Torp is disappointed in Malcolm.  He expected more, but understands he is young and he will learn.
  • +1 Reaction for Guard Kevin (forgot what I did call him), He had a great time.  He got drunk, won an epic battle with a bush and never realized he almost died twice.  Thumbs up from Kevin.


  1. Oh, yeah. Malcolm was definitely racking up the negative reaction points that night. :)

    1. Glad the guard had a good time though. I can see Malcolm taking advantage...err...I mean taking him out on the town again in the future.

  2. Man you're stingy with XP. :-)

    I love the idea of keeping track of reaction adjustments though. I mean, the NPCs will remember who wronged them or ripped them off in the past, but setting a numerical value to it is a great idea.

    1. I am. But then again they really only had encounter and none of them got any real cash so that definitely hurt their xp total. Another game will be coming up soon.

  3. Yes, the cleric guy that revived my character, Hyroth, was definitely creepy. Sandusky the Cleric.