Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One-Page Dungeon Contest

One of my favorite events and the one that really cinched me into the OSR is the One-Page Dungeon contest.  In past years it was run by +Alex Schroeder, but this year it is being run by +Random Wizard.  It looks like he's gathered a stellar cast of judges that include +Ernie Gygax, +Steven Winter+Brendan S, +Martin Thomas and a fifth mystery judge.

Each year this contest displays how many talented folks there are interested in this hobby.  The maps and adventures that come out of the simple one-page dungeon format is amazing.  And of course, they are free to download, use for your adventures or plunder for ideas. 

Last year I didn't participate.  This year I'll get in an entry.  Although some of the entries I've seen already are very, very cool.  Lots of competition. 

Here is a link to the rules to the On-Page Dungeon contest.  They are keeping submissions open until the 30th of April.  So you have a little time to procrastinate.  And like every year, there are some great prizes to snag if you win. 

Time for work, but I'm going to plot my victory dungeon.  Oh yes, the prize will be mine.  Muhahaha.