Monday, March 31, 2014

Project Updates

Lots of stuff going on over at the Manor, mainly its me been avoiding them.  Here is the status updates for my current projects.

Manor #6
All written.  Cover art done.  And it looks pimping good.  I'll share the cover later this week.  +Jason Sholtis got his pimp daddy on.  Needs a few more pieces of interior art.  Needs proofread.  And I'm having a printer situation.  More on that later.

Manor Compilation
Cover is done.  +Johnathan Bingham and his wife, Daisy, did an amazing job.  I am in the process of figuring out the POD stuff.  I think I may have the cover done, but not sure.  I tried to watch those frickin' videos, but they are all over an hour long and right now I don't seem to have the patience for it.  I need to though.  And  also have some tweaking to do to set up the entire manuscript.

Starter Adventures
Everything is done.  Art.  Writing.  Editing.  All I need to do is what I need to do for the Manor Compilation.  I need to get wise and get it done. 

On another front is my printer is vomiting yellow ink across everything.  I want to thank Epson for their quick and friendly response....bzzzzz....those wanks didn't help for nothing.  While I dug my Epson for a while, here is why there will never be another on my desk.  First, they refused to acknowledge the problem of their printer spewing yellow ink, even though there are many complaints about the same problem.  They wanted me to keep sopping up the ink with page after page.  A temporary fix.  In addition to that, when Staples would put out their coupons for store purchase, every-time Epson ink was excluded.  I could use it on any other brands, but Epson.  While my Workforce got me going its time to change it up and get something more reliable and more customer friendly.  I'm doing research on printers and I plan on getting a new one later this week.

And as an aside, I've now joined +Erik Tenkar's b-team, a S&W complete game that is exploring +Joseph Bloch's Castle of the Arch Mage mega-dungeon.

I've also joined +Douglas Cole's group for a GURPS campaigned called the Alien Menace.  The first game is schedule later this month.

All this is in addition to my regular Monday night crew.  +Chris C. is running his Ephemera campaign tonight.   We've wore out +Ken H and he needs a GM nap.  Right now, four out of the five of us, could pick up the GM reins and run with it to give the 1st string GM a breather.  


  1. Look for a continuous ink supply system. They don't make them for every printer, but the ink is dirt cheap. My system cost about $80, which was about twice the cost of two ink cartridge sets. I'm printing cardstock terrain, and with the cheap ink, I can print out modules and the like without much problem.

  2. You are a machine, my friend. Keep it up!

  3. You are my hero. Cool to see how much stuff you are cranking out, assuming the printer is compliant.

    I am happy for a break from GMing. Sometimes a guy just wants to be a player.