Monday, March 17, 2014

A Peek into Manor #6

I just finished writing up a one-shot adventure for the 6th issue of the Manor.  What I really liked about this adventure were all the OSR resources I pooled to make it fun.  I was going to draw a map, but heck I know to go to find one of those.  I wanted witches in the adventure.  Well I know who to go to for that.  And I was going to go with bats, but after reading this book of spiders and the variety of critters already made for me, a changed it.  Here is a list of the OSRians who score an assist with this adventure.

 All the pieces clicked together with minimal tweaking.  Now that the final piece is done its time to do a read through and then hand it off to the proofreaders. 

The name of the adventure is The Old Hill Fort.  It's a small location adventure that you can plop into a fantasy campaign with very little effort.  Here's the introduction.

Merrick looked at the bodies of the two boys laying on top of stacked stones.  He recognized the one as Tillman, Randolph’s boy.  The other boy’s head had been pulverized, but from the stocky legs and the round belly he guessed it was Mutter’s kid.  Someone took the time to pose their bodies on the stones, arms and legs spread.  Merrick rubbed the gray scruff on his chin and knelt down.  He didn’t see any blood.  The boys were drained some place else.  Hard to tell how long they’ve been laying here.  Probably no more than a few hours.  Merrick heard they were missing since yesterday.  Animals haven’t touched them. 
 Merrick stood, jaw and fists clenched.  His eyes narrowed when he saw the small blotch on Tillman’s palm.  He looked at the other boy and found the same mark on the inside of his forearm.  The side of his mouth twitched and he backed away from the bodies with his hand on his sword.  The dark moon.