Friday, March 7, 2014

Happenings Involving Gothridge Manor

A couple of very cool things will be happening over the weekend featuring me and one of my adventures.

First, +Douglas Cole from Gaming Ballistic will be mercilessly grilling me during one of his Firing Squad interview.  He just completed one with +Stacy Dellorfano that I had the pleasure of watching an uncut version.  An excellent and interesting interview.  He's also done recently did interviews with +Richard LeBlanc of d30 Sandbox Companion fame and other excellent products.  GURPS heavy hitter, +Kenneth Hite and another godfather of GURPS, +Sean Punch gave interviews.  And of course the interview that caught my attention originally was when he interviewed +Erik Tenkar.  I figured if he interviewed Tenkar, he'd interview anyone.

All the interviews are great gaming candy.  I've watched them all except for a panel discussion.  I told Douglas that everyone comes across so thoughtful and intelligent.  I don't have a chance at that.  I'm going to sound like a truck driver on crack that's been driving for 54 hours straight.  Maybe not that bad, but probably be close.  Oh, and I apologize now to anyone I mention in the interview, I will screw up the pronunciation of your name.

Douglas will be interviewing my 9pm EST time tonight.  I will be armed with Zombie Brew mug, some ice tea and a few words of below average wisdom.

Then, tomorrow between 2pm and 10pm EST, +Rafael Chandler is running a game with the premise "What happens when story gamers visit and old school dungeons?"  I dunno, but I'm going to watch and find out.  Apparently Rafael will be using a section or part or something from my Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams.  In combination with +Dyson Logos's Dyson Delves and +Gavin Norman's Theorems & Thaumaturgy.  And Rafael will also use critters and encounters from his excellent books the Teratic Tome and Slaughter Grid.  An 8-hour long session.  I hope they break for the bathroom a few times or there will another little horror show on the video.  

Sounds like a cool weekend and I want to thank +Douglas Cole for wanting to interview me and +Rafael Chandler for choosing my adventure to be included in his game day.

Headed out for a bit (I have the day, so burn with jealousy)to do some writing on Manor #6. 


  1. Digital thumbscrews arrived from Amazon today. I'm so ready for you tonight. I managed to hook up an On Air version of a shock collar too. Mwa ha ha, etc.

  2. Other happenings include a sudden cascade of shamrocks from the top of the site. Either that, or the drugs are kicking in again.

    1. Hi, great shamrocks...also great take over of the wife's blog...
      glad to hear your interview went well.
      Darlene (aka) mom