Friday, March 7, 2014

Happenings Involving Gothridge Manor

A couple of very cool things will be happening over the weekend featuring me and one of my adventures.

First, +Douglas Cole from Gaming Ballistic will be mercilessly grilling me during one of his Firing Squad interview.  He just completed one with +Stacy Dellorfano that I had the pleasure of watching an uncut version.  An excellent and interesting interview.  He's also done recently did interviews with +Richard LeBlanc of d30 Sandbox Companion fame and other excellent products.  GURPS heavy hitter, +Kenneth Hite and another godfather of GURPS, +Sean Punch gave interviews.  And of course the interview that caught my attention originally was when he interviewed +Erik Tenkar.  I figured if he interviewed Tenkar, he'd interview anyone.

All the interviews are great gaming candy.  I've watched them all except for a panel discussion.  I told Douglas that everyone comes across so thoughtful and intelligent.  I don't have a chance at that.  I'm going to sound like a truck driver on crack that's been driving for 54 hours straight.  Maybe not that bad, but probably be close.  Oh, and I apologize now to anyone I mention in the interview, I will screw up the pronunciation of your name.

Douglas will be interviewing my 9pm EST time tonight.  I will be armed with Zombie Brew mug, some ice tea and a few words of below average wisdom.

Then, tomorrow between 2pm and 10pm EST, +Rafael Chandler is running a game with the premise "What happens when story gamers visit and old school dungeons?"  I dunno, but I'm going to watch and find out.  Apparently Rafael will be using a section or part or something from my Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams.  In combination with +Dyson Logos's Dyson Delves and +Gavin Norman's Theorems & Thaumaturgy.  And Rafael will also use critters and encounters from his excellent books the Teratic Tome and Slaughter Grid.  An 8-hour long session.  I hope they break for the bathroom a few times or there will another little horror show on the video.  

Sounds like a cool weekend and I want to thank +Douglas Cole for wanting to interview me and +Rafael Chandler for choosing my adventure to be included in his game day.

Headed out for a bit (I have the day, so burn with jealousy)to do some writing on Manor #6.