Sunday, March 2, 2014

Print Sales Roundup

The cantankerous and inquisitive +Jason Zavoda asked how many sales were print.  So I took off my shoes and began counting.  Here are the results.  These are total sales for the items I sell in print versions.  All of which I make and assemble from my office.  I have a few other print offerings like the Mini Manor and Where is Margesh Blackblood?, but those are freebies I give away.

Knowledge Illuminates: 27 print sales.
My first release, over three ago, keeps getting a handful of sales in PDF.  However, the print version never caught on.  I really like the look of it with Dylan Hartwell's artwork.  He did a fantastic job that sets the mood for the adventure.  I've got a follow up adventure brewing.  Something to do with a certain chest.

Manor #1: 105 print sales.
This one did very well.  There was a lot of excitement when it was released and I remember getting on my blog roll and saw 3 or 4 reviews for it at the same time.  I was very nervous when I released it.  It was great to see the reception it got and gave me the confidence to continue.

Manor #2: 91print sales.
I was able to follow-up with the second issue fairly quickly, I think only 2 months separated the issues.  I really like this issue.  Hugo is a fun guy to role-play.  He's actually based on a PC from years ago.  I've used him several times in games.  The party always comes away either angry or amused.
Manor #3: 72 print sales.
It took a long time to get issue #3 out.  I think it was 7 months between issues.  And upon release there was less interest compared to the first two.  I think by this time there were a handful more zines out there.  While it struggled in the beginning, it continues to get sales, especially in the bundle buys.

Manor #4: 69 sales.
This one was a lot of work.  Especially for +Jason Sholtis who made the mini monster section exceptional with his art.  The adventure I wrote for this issue I never got to playtest.  I rewrote it four times.  Overall I like how it turned out, but still want to know how it plays out on the table.
Manor #5: 51 sales.
My latest offering.  Each zine has sold a little less than the previous one, but they all continue to trickle in sales.  The print sales seem to all come in the beginning.  Then the PDFs continue to sell.  Maybe its because I only sell my print issue from my home.  Not sure.  I'm curious as to what a compilation of Manors will do in print.

Total Print Sales: 415
This doesn't include the 10-12 comp copies each issue.

I have no idea how these sales stack up against the other great zines out there.  Or OSR products in general.  But I'm pretty content with them.  It's allowed me to pay for art, get a few gaming items and gives me the push to continue making more adventures.  I would be creating these adventures either way, but there is something very cool about selling them, sharing it with others and hearing feedback from it.  I enjoy sharing what I do with others.  Including the sales numbers.  So Jason, you wanted the print sales figures.  You got'em. 


  1. I'd say to pick a number that you want as first print then differentiate between that and a second printing. Post that you have limited numbers of 1st prints left on the acaeum and I think you will see some more print sales. Make some difference between your 1st and 2nd printing, such as a different cover art or at least a booty list of everything you have available for sale. Later printings will show if you change the booty list.

  2. Interesting. The decrease between issues of the Manor seems to mirror the sort of thing seen with comic book sales. I assume it will flatten out at some point.