Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blue Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter

Recently I've had the pleasure to get circled by +Kevin Chenevert.  While going through the OSR Superstar entries we found an entry by a 9-year old boy who was not afraid to make a splash.  +Rob Conley and talked about giving him an honorable mention, because his item was great and reminded me of the items I used to make in the way back.  We wanted to make a card for him, but since neither Rob nor I can draw I asked the google land of artists for help.  Kevin volunteer and did an amazing job with it.  Rob finished the card last night.  I'll show when he sends it out.

In the mean time Kevin of Red Kobold Games has a Kickstarter called Blue Dungeon Tiles.  It's been going only a couple of days and well over the half way mark.  What I like about this Kickstarter is it's a simple idea (not that, that makes it simple to create) that is very useful and that the stretch goals are manageable and not over the top promising you too much.  These are more my speed because they have the old school blue, they are easy to layout without fiddling with too much and you can mark on them and erase the markings for next round. 

I think Kevin has got himself a great Kickstarter.  Please check it out Blue Dungeon Tiles.

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  1. Thank you so much for your support and shout out.
    Kevin Chenevert