Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exploration, Quest Completed and One Big Eyeball

Last night's game was very interesting.  Beside the masturbatory references and a few 'that's what she said'(s) it was an exploration night.  Not that kind of exploration night.  The kind where we make the black spaces on the screen go white.  I was determined to cover some ground before the session and we did.  What I didn't expect is getting tangled into one of Ken's puzzle rooms.  The Maze that Jack build so to speak. 

What's so difficult and cool about the puzzle rooms is you don't know your in one until your in one.  I went up a stairwell (or down I forget), tried to use the same stairwell and ah oh, welcome to the screwed zone.  You are now lost. 

Instead of backtrack and trying to figure out how to get back we just plowed on.  Room after room.  We encountered an eyeball in the first room.  Just and eyeball.  We popped it.  That was our battle for the evening.  We kept going until we finally found a secret door.  We searched all the rooms.  Nothing. 

When we found the secret door we found ourselves in the strangest section of the dungeon to date.  When we approached the doors they automatically opened.  Ken did the appropriate whooshing sound effect to imitate the doors on Star Trek.  Kudios for that. 

While we have some knowledge of what this place is, a sort of transporter, teleporter set of rooms we have no idea where they go, how they are activated and no idea who built them.  We've run across some of their technology earlier in the dungeon, but haven't figured out how to interpret it. 

Now here's the cool thing.  We go into a room, it's got a trapdoor in the floor, we open it and we have found the place to revive the dwarves that once lived in these caverns a 1000 years ago.  We were given this quest, I want to say 10 or more sessions ago.  In real time that equals out to 4 or 5 months ago and we finally found it. 

We stopped after gather the dwarves.  While the combat was minimal, we covered a lot of territory and finished a section of a quest.  I think that's one of my favorite parts about Monteport, is the the slow evolution of quest lines.  And we still have a lot of layers of mystery to uncover.  If we live long enough. 


  1. I'll bet the dwarves were happy you came.
    Live long and prosper....

  2. Nice post. It is a challenge to run a megadungeon for our group for this long, but I am enjoying the challenge.