Sunday, March 2, 2014

GM Games Sale Report: February 2014

With the end of February comes another month end sales report.  There were no releases for GM Games in January, but sales increased slightly.  Knowledge Illuminates hit a stellar goal, over 400 have sold.  Wow.  I'll need to write the follow up adventure I always intended to write for it.  For those brave or foolish enough to open up the chest.

Upcoming Releases
Manor Compilation: I'm going to release the first 5 Manors in a paperback and hardback addition on RPGNow and Lulu.  +Johnathan Bingham agreed to do the cover and I am excited to see what he does with the concept I gave him.  I think that's one of my favorite processes, when an artist creates what was in your head.  
Expected Released: Umm, I would guess end of March or in April.

The Manor, Issue #6: This issue is nearly done.  Again, I have contributions from other gamers.  This time +matt jackson and +Ken H were generous enough to write pieces for the zine.  Matt has created an unusual brothel and Ken has an interesting trio of puzzle rooms.  I'm the one holding this one up.  +Jason Sholtis is doing the cover.  I'm excited to see his own book released with all his d12 tables.
Release Date: Sometime in March.

Untitled Adventure: I love writing adventures.  It's probably one of my favorite things to do.  I've got a couple in the hopper that I've been tinkering with, but I like to playtest them a couple times before I unleash one.  This one is a side project I'm working on.  It's a big dungeon.  Over 300 rooms, but I'm not setting it up as a mega-dungeon, but rather a place where a GM can have the player do a delve and find the money, item or person, using only sections of the dungeon.  There are different entrances to start with.  
Release Date:  Unknown.  It's a side project I'm working on now and then.  I'm planning on keeping it art free because I don't know how many pieces I would need for that big of a project.  Plus, just want to keep it simple.

Secret Project: I've been mumbling about this one for a while.  I am in my final edits with it.  There may be a few art tweaks, but it is on the last turn before completion.  The only reason why I being coy, is every time I mentioned it before I failed to finish.  When I get it formatted and getting proofs back from the printers I'll announce what it is.
Release Date:  Soon.  I think in March.

Now onto the numbers.  A decent month for not having any releases in the past two months.

February 2014
Knowledge Illuminates: released February 16th, 2011, print version released October 29th, 2012
PDF: 3 (12)   Print: 0   Total Sales: 402 (201)

The Manor, Issue #1: released May 5th, 2012
PDF: 3   Print: 1   Total Sales: 325

The Manor, Issue #2: released July 4th, 2012
PDF: 3   Print: 1   Total Sales: 242

Cave of Seiljua: released September 9th, 2012
PDF: (22)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (555)
The Manor, Issue #3: released released February 7th, 2013
PDF: 3   Print: 1   Total Sales: 148

Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams: released April 19th, 2013
PDF:  (9)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (273)

The Manor, Issue #4: released July 28th, 2013
PDF: 3   Print: 2   Total Sales: 97
Where is Margesh Blackblood?: released August 12th, 2013
PDF: 1 (7)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: 15 (185)

The Manor, Issue #5: released November 21st, 2013
PDF: 4   Print: 4   Total Sales: 84

Execution Corner: released December 15th, 2013
PDF: 2 (12)  Print: N/A  Total Sales: 24 (115)
Total Sales for February 2014
PDF: 22 (62)   Print: 9   Total Sales: 31 (62)


  1. I'd like to see total print sales by item.

  2. Apart from your creativity and narrative sense, what comes out in the stuff that you publish is that you write and publish for the love of doing it.

    You are developing quite a body of work. I think it is very cool, Tim.

    1. Who is this? This was way too nice for the Ken I know.