Friday, November 28, 2014

A Quick Glance at a Mythoard Exclusive

If you haven't heard, +Jarrod Shaw has created mythoard, a subscription based service where you will get a box of random RPG products.  December is his initial run and he's limited it to 100 boxes.  The last I heard, he only has 6 remaining.  I was excited when Jarrod asked me to be apart of the first box.  He asked for a random assortment of Manors.  I made the suggestion that I create something original for the mythoard box.  Here is the first peek at the cover for the Stone Fields of Azaroth.  The kick ass art is from +Oxide JCHart (Jeremy Hart) the man behind Omegapointillist Studio.

The Stone Fields of Azaroth is a mini-sandbox.  It is centered around the small Village of Bad Water.  I've detailed the entire village.  Bad Water may seem like a quiet, out of the way village, but there is a dark history that saturates the soil.  Along with Bad Water, there are three adventures that are waiting for the adventurers to discover.  These adventures can be run independently or run as series that ends in a....heh, I'm not telling you shit.

I'm printing Stone Fields of Azaroth in zine format using cardstock for the covers and maps.  The cover and maps will be in color.  I'll only release this with mythoard.  If you want to see this and all the other great stuff that's inside the box, head over to mythoard and grab one of the last boxes!  Do it quick! 

Okay, back to work.  This isn't going to write and edit itself. 

As of a 4:42pm Jarrod reports all 100 betas are ordered.  But do not fear if you missed this one.  You can cry, but don't fear.  In December he'll take orders for the month of January.