Sunday, February 20, 2011

End of an Era

So Ivy (Whisk) and I traveled to pay our last respects to the bookstore we so often frequented, but when we arrived the giant corpse was already thick with flies.  They were selling everything for 20% to 40% off.  Most of the books were 20% off.  Anyway, it seemed like everyone stopped by the pick at the remains.  The whole thing just left me frustrated and angry.  They had already closed the cafe, so there was no last caramel mocha or javanilla.  No last session of writing at my table.  Like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, I have my spot.

Instead I waded through the people looking for one last gaming book to get.  One last book to use up the gift cards we had remaining.  After way too many months I found Pathfinder's Bestiary 2 there.  Ivy got her cookbook (one I am sure to reap the benefits from) and a few magazines (none of them dirty).  We waited in line for nearly an hour.  With the 20% off and the gift cards I got the Bestiary for free.  One last book.  It was a good one.

Tomorrow I'll continue working on the new and improved Starter Adventures.  I'll need to recruit some help from Rob for the maps I'd like to include.  Not sure how much time he will have since I know he is writing a lot on a new project.  Then of course it will need to go to the wife to tell me when its golden.

I also wanted to thank Angry Lurker and Ark for doing reviews of Knowledge Illuminates.  Both positive reviews even though I nearly plagiarized Dr. Seuss.  They took the time out of there day not only to read it, but give there thoughts on it and I do appreciate it.  Thanks again guys.


  1. I just got both Bestiaries in the mail the other day. I have to say that I do like Pathfinder and Paizo. I guess in some circles that would make me a heretic but I'm OK with that. It does suck when a good book store goes under. Italy doesn't have much in the way of bookstores (and the ones they do have are nothing like the ones in the States). It makes me homesick thinking about Third Place Books in Seattle sometimes.

  2. No problem Sheldon, your bookstore even in it's death throes sounds better than anything near me. Have yourself a good one.

  3. Blech. I'm right there with you - the Borders here in Langhorne just announced a closing sale as well, everything is 20-40% off.

    I suppose I'll be off the 'viewing' sometime today or tomorrow as well.

  4. Both of our Borders seem to have escaped the axe. I think I can extend some visitation rights ;)

  5. Johnathan > I like Pathfinder's stuff and wish I had enough time and my group had enough time to give it a go. The Bestiaries are fantastic. So it their GameMastery Guide. One of the best gaming books I've gotten recently.

    Lurker > I'll be search for a new 'spot'.

    Beedo > Yeah its stinks, but I guess something else will take its place. Good luck in your search tomorrow. Those vultures swarm.

    Al > I may need directions!

  6. I'll admit, we stopped by to loot the corpse too.

    I picked up another Pathfinder Core Rulebook for my sons to have.

  7. Its always sad when a beloved bookstore departs. We just lost one near us last month. : (
    I agree that Pathfinder has some great stuff, I don't have Bestiary 2 yet, but the GM Guide is Fantastic for whatever edition you play.

  8. Tim always enters the bookshop and immediately looks to see if his spot at the cafe is taken. If it's being used, he grumbles.

    Then one day we stopped in and his table wasn't even in the cafe. It was in the front walk-way of the store with bags of coffee for sale.

    "I don't like this," he said. "They took my spot."

    "I know," I said, "But maybe your backup table is free."

    He grumbled again. It's kind of a low grumble and very cute (don't tell him I said so).

    And while our backup table was free, it was seated next to the Stitch and Bitch girls. An overly loud group of knitters who complain and laugh. He grumbled for the third time and I reminded him that he has his iPod. Only he forgot his and had to use my Barbie Pink Nano iPod with matching pink headphones.

    He was not a happy Sheldon that day.