Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Good in the Mail

OSE5F #4 is here!  I blogged about my failed attempts to conquer the dungeon Christian continues on in the fourth installment of One Square = 5 Feet.  One encounter or test at a time.  Someone wrote to Christian about having a crappy day and then he got OSE5F in the mail and it cheered him up.  That's really the best part of it.  Getting that great envelope in the mail that you know is not a bill, or a wedding invitation that you have to think of an excuse not to go, or the general junk mail that clutters up our lives.  That envelope is just for you and it's filled with fun and something that you actually want to get in the mail.  Like Christian says "We could all use something good in the mail now and again."  Well said.

That's it.  Time to go watch Dr. Who and eat popcorn with Whisk.


  1. Dr. Who? Did someone say Dr. Who? Where Dr. Who?

    - Ark

  2. Netflix?

    Capcha: Colati. A secret organization dedicated to making all information a unified whole

  3. Good mail like figures or tax rebates is a joy.