Friday, February 25, 2011

New Purchases and Reoing An Old Project

I just made a purchase on Lulu for Oubliette Issues 1-4.  Got them for a heck of a deal for only $15.11 for print copies.  Looking forward to getting those in the mail.  I only know a little about them so I'm looking forward to the surprise. 

Tonight I'll be taking down my free download area.  Hold the yawns or the rotten tomatoes.  I am redoing Starter Adventures.  I plan on doing and one or two scenarios for each class (which doubles the size) and con Rob into doing some nice mini maps for them.  It will remain free of charge when I put it on RPGNow. Starter Adventures was downloaded 618 times.  Wow.  Never thought it would get that many hits.  And the 0-level Spells were downloaded 98 times. 

It's the weekend so I need to get some writing done.  Black Ops is calling me though.  I've been on a tear lately, but no no, I shan't give in.  Now go kill a Umber Hulk.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe anyone would yawn or throw tomatoes, and or even have a word of complaint. You're even giving the chance of a last dash. It's very generous to make so much available at no charge, and those are very impressive stats.