Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Square = 5 Feet, Part 2

Where we last off Chester was staked naked to the entrance to the dungeon for a warning to all.  Hearing of this, his identical twin brother, Hester grabs his good friend, Huckster the Slippery, a dwarven thief.  Together they mourn the passing of a favored brother, but quickly turn their attention toward the gate to extract revenge.  Hester is an identical twin in every way, even equipment.  It's spooky.  Huckster stats are S:10, D:18, C:10, I:12, W:12,Ch:11.  He got 3 hit points and an AC of 13.  Equipment wise he rolled for shit for gold scoring the bare minimum of 30gp so he only has Leather Armor, Hand Axe, Light Crossbow and some bolts.  Along with those he brought some rope and an 8' stick.  He couldn't afford a 10' pole so he chopped down a small tree.

Since Huckster the Slippery is a thief he attempts to pick the locks.  He's got a whopping 15% chance to open it.  After failing three rounds in a row that all too familiar of a viper comes slithering through the gate and attacks.  The viper doesn't surprise Huckster, but does win initiative and hits with an 18.  One point of damage and Huckster fails his saving throw and is incapacitated for four days.  Hester yulps with fury and strikes at the snake, CRITICAL HIT.  The blow does max damage of 9 points of damage.  That's just enough to kill the viper. 

Hester pumps his fist and does a tiny victory lap when he sees Huckster convulsing on the ground.  Being the generous GM that I am Hester knows a thing or two about snake bites and has known Huckster for a long time, but is still hesitant about sucking out the poison, but he takes on for the team.  With Huckster back in action, still one hit point down the party continues to try to get through the gate.  Hester doesn't wait for no stinking thief to pick the lock he manages to rip the gate off its hinges with a might show of strength.

*This ends issue 1's encounter.  On to issue 2.

Since the viper was killed, Huckster attempts to make a hearing roll.  And he fails.

*This ends issue 2's encounter.  On the purple issue 3. 

Hester walks up the corridor 30' and when he makes the turn a viper flies through the air at him.  Hester was surprised and flailed at the critter missing.  The viper lands on Hester's face and hits with a critical.  Since the damage is only 1hp normally I am going to make it 2 damage for the critical.  However, the heavens parted and Hester made a saving throw, but the snake attached to his face.  Huckster sees a thin rat man turning to run down some stair and takes a shot of him with his light crossbow.  CRITICAL MISS.  The bolt just misses Hester and the string snaps making his crossbow useless for the rest of the adventure.  The thin rat man disappears down the stairs.

"By the gods get this thing off me," Hester shouts.  He dropped his axe and is tugging to pull it off his face.  Huckster steps up and attempts to chop the snake in half, hits doing 3 points of damage.  Not enough to kill the snake, but enough that it releases its grip on Hester's face.  Hester attempts to stomp it with his boot, miss.

Next round.  The snake gets initiative and goes after Hester again.  Hit again.  One more point of damage making it three total that Hester has suffered.  Hester rolls to save vs. poison and fails.  He is incapacitated for 1 day.  Huckster chops down with his hand axe hitting doing two points of damage.  The viper now only has 4 hit points. 

Next round.  The viper wins initiative and attacks Huckster and scores a CRITICAL HIT.  I am not kidding.  The snake does 2 point of damage to Huckster taking him to 0 hit points.  And just for shits and giggles he attempts to save vs. the poison and critically fails.  Again, I am not kidding.

The thieves find the two interlopers and look at Hester and get spooked.  They thought they killed him before and now he's back.  Never the less they strip both characters down and burn the bodies outside incase the dwarves are cursed.  Hoping to keep them from returning.   The thieves sell the equipment they plundered from the character to buy a new gate. 

Morale of the story, bring more friends.


  1. Hhahaha, I just had to laugh at the image of an airborne viper attaching itself to the dwarf's face. Now that is classic!

  2. Hester's no charmer. What happens next? Does the viper get big ideas and the crawl become a slither?

  3. Good grief but thats harsh, kung fu kamiaze ninjas.

  4. I just played it like Christian wrote it up with a bit of my own GM flair added. These encounters are killers. Sheesh.

  5. LOL who is next Fester, Muckster and their friend Bob? Seriously, I think you need to look into more dice, or pay off what demigod you pissed off...those rolls were nuts!

  6. Actually Fester is next, but I am making him 3rd level instead of 1st. And I must have pissed off the dice gods lately. I have had the worst string of rolls in my life. Our Monday night game, my rolls were so horrible that the others guys were laughing so hard I thought they might pass out. I need to do something to get my mojo in the positive.

  7. Oh god! More mayhem! Yeah, bring more friends or at least some 2nd and 3rd level pals like you suggested. The man with the thin, rat-like features is a real dick. I mean, who throws snakes at people? Not cool!