Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Square = 5 Feet

I've received the first three issues if 1 square = 5' and decided to roll up a character to go through the cool adventure Christian has included in each issue.  I'm using the complete Swords & Wizardy rules.  My rolls were good. S:14, D:12, C:11, I:12, W:9, Ch:12.  So I chose to be a dwarven fighter.  Rolled for hit points and ended up with 6.  I bought Chain Mail, Shield and a Battle Axe.  Giving him an armor class of 14.  His name is Chester.

The first encounter Chester comes to a locked gate.  Picking the lock is out of the question.  So it looks like brute strength must do the job.  After three rounds of failure a viper slithers out and attacks Chester.  The viper hits on its first attack doing 1 point of damage and Chester critically fails his saving throw vs. poison.  The result, he is incapacitated for d4 days.  Since it was a critical failure it will be maxed at four days.  Not that it matters.  Within this time the thieves that Chester came to thump find him at the entrance, strip him of all his equipment then stake his body near the entrance to warn any others who wish to enter. 

Thus ends the very, very short adventuring career of Chester.  Morale of the story, bring friends.


  1. As true now as it ever was. ;)

  2. Damn! Chester had a rough day! I think I need to add in a pry bar as a piece of equipment that can give a big bonus to bending the bars.

  3. Oops...that was me above. I accidentally commented under my wife's profile!

  4. Hey, I've done that with Tim's profile before.