Friday, February 4, 2011

Peddler of Wondrous Wares

Tom is an old NPC from 3rd edition GURPS days and is pretty much a rip off from the guy in Something Wicked this Way Comes.  I took him added some Cthulhu mythology, mixed them in a bowl and out popped this guy. So this is an old school GURPS NPC.  He is fun to play.  This picture looks like it belongs on Trey's blog and it's his blog that inspired me to put up Tom.

Dressed in a goatskin jacket and cap, this tall, angular shadow of a man, sells many strange objects.  He claims he discovered them during his travels and other trinkets were obtained by more supernatural means.  He walks the streets and haunts the taverns with his leather satchel over his shoulder.  If asked his name he will do a little dance, tip his cap, and announce his name, "Tom, the peddler of wondrous wares".  No one in town knows where he is from.  If asked he will deflect the question.

Tom human, 6’2”, 140lbs, age 50, gray/brown hair, gray eyes, fair complexion
ST 12  DX 11  IQ 14  HT 10
Reaction: none
Appearance: normal
Wealth: normal
Status: 1
Advantages: Combat Reflexes, Literacy, Magery 3, +2 Strong Will
Disadvantages: Extremely Curious (Eldritch lore), Obsession (Eldritch), Secret
Skills: Bard-13, Archaelogy-14, History-14, Occultism-15, Acting-13, Hidden Lore (Eldritch)-16, Symbol Drawing-14, Merchant-15, Rune Lore-16, Activate Rune-17
Spells: Analyze Magic-18, Identify Spell-16, Detect Magic-16, Ancient History-21, History-16, Trace-16, Seeker-16, Aura-16, See Secrets-21, Pentagram-21, Spell Shield-16, Magic Resistance-16, Scrywall-16, Scryguard-16, Ward-16, Greater Ward-21

Tom is seeking the ancient knowledge of the Eldritch Race.  Through his studies he discovered a tomb near the new town of Stockton.  It took several months to decipher the clues and months to find where the tomb was hid.  It is located a half mile into the Archon Swamp.  Tom hired a group of mercenaries, as well as diggers.  When the tomb was open two eldritch minions slaughtered everyone except for Tom who prepared a protective circle for himself.  Tom has formed an alliance with them even though he knows they will kill him as soon as they get what that want.  One of the tombs of the Elder God is near and together they work to awaken it.

Typical.  You would think those cthulhu  scholars would get a clue.  But they never do.   If you find a scary ass gargantuan tomb run away.  If you find some scary ass critter frozen in the ice, leave it alone.  hehe  Still Tom could make an interesting villain of a sort.  Unleashing horrors so he can satisfy his curiosity.  But his neighbors said he was such a nice man.  Kept to himself.  Never bothered anyone.


  1. Yup, it's always the scholarly sorts that'll end the world.

  2. Curious not only killed the cat but ripped him a new before that happened.

  3. I'll be stealing him for my current Gurps game, thanks!

  4. I like it. Consider this stolen by me as well. Thanks, Tim!

  5. I love the "Shady Forbidden Object Peddler" type NPC. I like to slip one into every campaign if possible.

  6. Cool. Never trust a man with a chin beard only, I say. Particularly one with an abiding interest in things man was not meant to know.