Monday, May 16, 2011

Damage Sale, Go Get Some!

Today I took advantage of Joseph Browning's damage sale over at Expeditious Retreat Press.  He's selling some of his books that have some flaws.  I've had A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe for a long time and it continues to be on my heavy use self.  This is one of those supplements that go into the classics category for me.  But, that isn't in the sale.

Here's what I got, Malevolent & Benign, Advanced Adventures #13: White Dragon Run, and Advanced Adventures #12: The Barrow Ground of Gravemoor.  These are print copies.  So with shipping included all of this cost $20.  Done.  Thanks Joseph and thanks James at the Underdark Gazette.  Really looking forward to getting these.  Always love looking at gaming stuff as you can see my grand total for the year climbing into scary heights.  

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