Monday, May 9, 2011

New Campaign Character Creation

I decided to roll up my character for Rusty Battle Axe's new campaign starting next week.  I downloaded and went through all rules and trying to get an idea of what I would like to play.  We are using a home-brewed version of Castles & Crusades as the rule-set.  It looks like he would like us to roll 3 sets of stats using 3d6 and then pick the one of the sets.  Now this is my own thing, but I prefer to roll black dice for high numbers.  White ones for low.  When you use the same die to roll or high I think it confuses the dice and messes up the mojo.  Here goes.

Set 1     Set 2     Set 3
14          13          7
9             9           15
10          10          11
6            13          16
7            8            10
6            9            10

Well, I don't think I have to debate much on which set.  Set 1 I could be a nightcrawler merchant, but not much else.  Set 2 is not bad...for a pig farmer.  Set 3 with the 15 and 16 win out.  The 7 makes me nervous, but that's okay.  I can arrange the results in any order and then I get to add 4 bonus points to the stats.  But first I need to see what class and race I want to be before I start fiddling with that.

Rusty has 11 classes, Archer, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Illusionist, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue (no to be confused with Rouge which is totally not the same thing, but continually spell it this way), Swashbuckler and finally the Wizard.  Since I can't be a bard I am leaning...hold the phone...NEWSFLASH...this email just in.  I can be a bard.  So I will be a bard!

Now a race.  There are four races to choose from; dwarf, elf, human and goblin.  I'm half tempted to play a goblin which I never played, but think I will stick to a human bard.  Besides goblins get a -1 to charisma and I need that for a bard.

So I will be playing a human bard.  Now it's time to arrange those stats and add the 4 bonus points.

Stats               New Stats
S: 10               10  
D: 11    (+2)    13
C: 10               10
I: 15                15
W: 7                 7
Ch: 16  (+2)    18

I was originally going to go to 17 on my Charisma, but 18 gives my +3.  I thought about jacking up the intell to 17, but decided it might be handy to have a bonus with dex.  So I sacrificed having a +2 in intell for a +1 in dex.  My wisdom is a lost cause.  I figure it will be a good role-playing device to be unwise.  Gives me a little insight into my character already.  How ironic.

Hit Points at 1st level are 1d3+3.  Roll...I'll start with 5 hit points.

Argg, just noticed the bard is on the highest experience table.  I need 2500xp to get to the next level.  What kind of holy cow crap is that?  This is unfair.  This is unjust.  My god, what do I have to do to get a fair shake?  Actually, I like having the highest one in a way, slower advancement is preferred.

That's all I can do right now until I get more info from Rusty.  I like the versatility of a bard.  And I am so looking forward to composing the obnoxious bawdy poems, songs and sayings I can come up with.  But before I go.  I've just come up with the perfect name for him.  Everyone, please meet the newest human bard....Rolondo!


  1. Well met Rolondo!

    Are you sure you wouldn't rather be a Rouge, though? You'd be red-hot!

  2. Already sounds like Rolondo will be an interesting character to play!