Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start of a New Campaign

Last night Rob (Bat in the Attic), Dwayne (Gamers Closet), Rusty (formly of The Rusty Battle Axe) and I got together to work out the kinks of Fantasy Grounds 2 and to finish our characters.  Rusty will be GMing using a home brewed version of Castles & Crusades.  He said he was very excited to GM us, but I am sure that wore off as the night went on. 

Gaming over the internet is great because you can still get together with your gaming dudes, but one of these sessions where the files are downloaded, the new GM gets some play time with fiddling with all the new contraptions of FG2 is critical.  The will be Rusty's first time using FG2 as a GM.  He has a good instructor with Rob, and an excellent peanut gallery with me and Dwayne chastising him if he makes a mistake.  Overall I think we got the major kinks worked out and filed downloaded.

So far I have my bard Rolondo.  Who despite Dwayne's insistent does not go the way of Elton John.  Dwayne is playing a priest.  And Rob has got himself an illusionist.  Bard.  Cleric.  Illusionist.  We are so dead.

We are going to need to hire some front line fodder before too long I am sure.  Rusty is using the Splinters of Faith adventures from Frog God Games, the S&W version.  I'm not sure how brutal the series is, but I am sure it will leave us with a few nasty bruises and scars. 

Rusty did a lot of research on instrument of the time.  I am trying to get him to do a guest blog and post about the instruments.  I think it would be interesting and helpful.  So if you would like to see the blog let Rusty know by leaving a comment saying, Rusty, don't be a slather ass and write a blog for cry'n out lout.

Next we begin our new adventure.  It will be fun exploring a new world with a new GM and finally get to play with Rob and Dwayne.  Rusty is a clever fellow and I am sure he is going to have lots of surprises for us.  Can't wait!


  1. I miss Rusty's Blog damn it!

    So, Rusty - you can do a trifecta for me, as the C&C game I via FG2 I plain is on an extended hiatus - give us a write up on the game - guest blog once a week - we want more Rusty Battle Axe ;)

  2. play in - not plain - damn ipad spell checker

  3. "Bard. Cleric. Illusionist. We are so dead."

    LOL! :)

    Hopefully not -- it'll be fun to hear how it goes.

  4. In interesting party mix to be sure. :)

  5. I rolled 20 silver pieces (out of a possible 200 silver) for my starting money. It going to be such a fun campaign.

  6. I, too, vote for a guest post by Rusty!

  7. Fantasy Grounds II is an awesome way to game for the likes of folks stuck out in the boonies miles from no-where or who work nights and can only game with people from other countries.

    However, have you ever tried using is a tabeltop game aid is face-to-face play? I have and whiles it's timeconsuming as hell to set up, it really helps to manage gameplay.

  8. I get chastised BEFORE I make mistakes.

  9. Rusty: Hahaha. You knew what you were getting into before you started playing with them.