Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got a Question

Been mulling around a how to handle oil flasks.  The kind you light and lob and hopefully catch something on fire.  Using it for lanterns is for sissys.  I've looked around, but haven't found anything satisfying.  Would prefer to keep the rule simple.  So I am asking, whaddaya got?

Thanks ahead of time.


  1. The Holmes rules are about the best that I've seen. It's a flat number for both actions (it does require a separate torch and pot of oil) and very easy to adjudicate, but also allows for some modifiers. I'll have to dig it out. I've houseruled it to reflect the AD&D numbers of 1d8 first round burning, 2d8 second round, or if the target walks through a flaming puddle, 2d8 that single round.

  2. Depends on how picky you want to get. Oil flasks for the purposes of refilling oil lamps should be sturdy enough not to break from just being carried around. Oil flasks for the purposes of causing a fiery conflagration should break fairly easily, and must be kept in a padded holder of some sort to prevent them from breaking prematurely. I would take whatever the furthest you can throw a spear or javelin and divide that by 2-ish for a max range for chucking a non-aerodynamic lump of flaming oil flask.