Saturday, May 21, 2011

Since the Rapture is Upon Us...

I thought I do what I think is cool in gaming right now.  Because tomorrow may never come, unless your bad than you have a little extra time.  At least you'll be able to catch the final Harry Potter movie.

These are in no particular order, just as I think of them and this is by no means a complete list because my memory is more sieve than hard drive these days. 

DungeonMorph Dice these things are excellent.  I remember watching them when they had just met their fist goal to do one set of dice.  They are now flown past their 3rd goal and have gathered over $19,000 in backers.  My god, 19k.  I think that's great.  And two of my favorite dungeon morphers are leading the way, Dyson Logos and Risus Monkey.

I've already written a blog about the One-Page Dungeon contest.  I still need to do a couple of reviews on the winners and the other one pagers I liked and swiped for myself.

The Underdark Gazette's weekly newsletter of what is going on in the world of the OSR and gaming in general.  James works his ass off each week to put that out for all of us to catch up on things we may have missed through out the week.  I'm always surprised at how much I miss. 

Another James who works his ass off.  Mr. Raggi who continues to do his way.  I appreciate the work and the balls it takes to start your own company and get your product into the stores.  I dabble with adventures and sell PDFs and hope to sell some print copies soon, but James has taken this to the next level, hell the next couple of levels. 

Johnathan's passion for pie and a hell of an artist. 

Hill Cantons's cake position and his top 5 worst old school blogs.

I've enjoyed watching Christian's battle with his backyard, passion for gaming and the kick ass food he makes for his players.  Not to mention his One Square Equals One Foot magazine.

Satyre's never ending supply of taverns and inns.  He's got a ton of them!

Underworld Ink, Jason and John helping me with my next project.  Their work is really making a storm giant sized difference in it and much appreciated. 

And not the last, but sort gaming group.  Rob, Dwayne and Rusty, very cool guys that make killing thing that much more fun.

Enjoy the Rapture everyone.  See you on the flip side...


  1. Then Baby, you aint going nowhere.

  2. Ouch! And from your own wife! ;) I guess she knows you well, though.

  3. I spent the Rapture in my basement with a bag of Chettos.

  4. I'm still here...I don't think I made the cut. Oh well, at least I can game tomorrow!

  5. Hey, Tim, I think Fantasy Grounds and Skype works from here, so we'll be able to play on Monday despite you being left behind. I tried to get them to stop at your house, but to no avail.

  6. Cake, here writing you from heaven. Please send dice.